Why buy in bulk?

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In many Western countries including France, buying in bulk is growing in popularity. And it’s no wonder! Everyone (or at least nearly everyone) agrees it’s high time to declare a war on waste and to throw as little as possible in the trash-can. As an eco-friendly option offering economic alternatives, bulk buying seems like an obvious way to solve these two problems. But that’s not all. Buying in bulk has several other advantages that go to explain its ever greater popularity. Not only does bulk buying help to preserve the environment, but in a certain sense, it also contributes to each person’s well-being and it can truly be of benefit to everyone.

Because bulk buying makes for less packaging

Once waste reduction became a serious item on people’s agendas, plastic wrap, bottles and generally all kinds of plastic packaging were the first types to be blamed. They can only be used once, aren’t biodegradable and, amongst other things, contain toxic chemicals. Various legitimate arguments have been made against plastic. On the contrary, bulk buying is a game changer! You’ve probably noticed ever more grocery stores selling products in bulk. The simple truth is that although products are still being packaged – so they retain all their goodness –, different types of packaging such as paper bags, glass bottles and ecological boxes are being used instead. All of these are reusable, and that’s BULK!

Because bulk grocery stores can put an end to food wastage

At one time or another, we’ve all heard the statistics on food wastage. The fact they are so shocking makes them a prime subject for journalists. Every year, the average person in France throws out 45 lb. of perfectly edible food. That’s colossal. Bulk buying offers a way to reduce this wastage. There are a great many bulk stores opening for this very reason, stores you can find on the BULK Shop ‘n Bulk directory. From now on, there’s no need to buy any more than you can actually consume. By buying in bulk, you can carry just the right amount home, hence reducing the risk of throwing out leftovers that have spent weeks in the fridge. And if you really think about it, there are yet more advantages to buying in bulk.

Because bulk buying is cheaper

You probably guessed it yourself. One of the implicit advantages of bulk buying is related to cost. Buy no more than you need and you’ll pay no more than you have to. Previously, in your local grocery store, you would have had to have bought a bigger packet than the one you were looking for. Thanks to bulk grocery stores, you can wave goodbye to these extra costs and only get what you really need, no more. Less packaging has another budget-related advantage: lower production costs. These, in turn, can make you save between 10% and 40%. Head over to the Shop ‘n Bulk BULK directory to check how close your nearest bulk store is to you. Everyone should be able to reap the benefits of buying in bulk.

Because buying in bulk makes for a better society

Need it still be reminded that ever more people are taking the view that it is our duty to lead environmentally-friendly lives? Deciding to shop in a bulk store could hence be considered a true act of citizenship. What’s more, you’ll be supporting local businesses and helping to weave a tighter economic fabric. By granting you access to the BULK directory, Shop ’n Bulk puts you on the right track.
Considering its ever greater popularity, “Long live bulk buying!” could almost become a universal slogan. So, what about you? When will you make the move to BULK?